Line2Line is a trademark

Line2Line is a registered trademark. The patterns are for personal use only and may not be copied or otherwise used commercially. It is only for sale from stores with a valid VAT no outside Denmark and only by a "Agreement" for sale of Line2Line patterns, received by mail from KreStoffer.


We reserve the right to terminate your right to sell our pattern, if you do not comply with the requirements above. Any dispute will be settled by The Danish Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen. We reserve the right to update the license at any time without notice to you. The most current version of the license can be reviewed at the Line2Line website. By purchasing a license you expressly acknowledge that you have read this agreement and understand the rights, obligation, terms and conditions set forth in it.

Line2Line design, content and image files

All contents on this site are protected by intellectual property. It is forbidden to distribute these contents without prior written permission from Line2Line. If you are a registered B2B retailer of Line2Line patterns, you can get access to a complete collection of web-optimized files for webshops.

Line2Line for teaching

Line2Line. believe it is important to support the community of creative workshops and sewing classes.
That is why Line2Line allows workshop teachers to use our patterns for teaching under the following conditions. Line2Line patterns may be used in classes or workshops by teacher/course provider. Students is permitted to trace the patterns - for educationally use only. Copying and paid circulation of the above listed materials to any other server, location or support for publication, reproduction or distribution is expressly prohibited - Want to use Line2Line patterns in classes/workshops? Please contact us for registration


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