Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Line2Line.eu online shop.
If you would like to sell Line2Line designs from your shop or online shop, you can register as a customer here. If you are approved, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours, and you will be ready to do business. REMEMBER to read the terms of the agreement below

When you buy Line2Line patterns through this online shop, you automatically accept the following terms and conditions. This agreement constitutes the conditions under which you may sell our Line2Line patterns outside Denmark.
Wholesale purchasing/business-to-business (B2B) on Line2Line.eu
This is an online shop for wholesale dealers (B2B) outside Denmark and it is owned by KreStoffer. Line2Line patterns can only be purchased from outside Denmark through this online shop with a valid “AGREEMENT” entered into by email.

No binding purchase agreement is entered into with KreStoffer, and you cannot shop on Line2Line.eu until you have received an email with a valid agreement from us.

You must have a valid LOGIN (email & password) to shop on Line2Line.eu. You create the login yourself, and we will subsequently open your account once you have been approved as a dealer. As mentioned, you will be notified by email within 24 hours.
How to shop
The first time you want to shop, you push "Create an Account" and wait for an email from us. We will open your account once you are approved.

- Log in to the site (email & password)

- Add selected products to your cart (Minimum purchase 1st time is: 3 pieces of 10 different patterns. Then for mine. 100 EUR per purchase)

- Select the correct amount in the cart

- Now go to the checkout and complete your payment
Conditions af sale of Line2Line patterns
Copyright on Line2Line
Line2Line is a registered trademark. The patterns are for personal use only and may not be copied, reprinted or distributed for commercial use. The patterns are reserved exclusively for sale from shops with a valid CVR number (VAT NO.) outside Denmark.

No sale to or within Denmark
You may not sell/send Line2Line patterns to Danish customers, sell from Danish addresses or sell at fairs in Denmark. Any violation will lead to the immediate loss of your right to sell Line2Line patterns.

Line2Line designs, content and image files
All rights to designs and content, as well as the images used on this site, are the exclusive property of Line2Line (KreStoffer). It is therefore not permitted to use content or images without written permission from Line2Line. If you are an approved and registered dealer at Line2Line, there are web-optimised files available that can be used for online shops.

Line2Line as teaching material
If you are a teacher and want to help others with their creative ideas and sewing techniques, we have had very positive responses to using Line2Line’s simple patterns in support of teaching. Line2Line allows the use of our patterns in a teaching context under the following conditions. The teacher’s/course provider’s own Line2Line patterns may be used on the course. The tracing of pattern sheets is permitted for students to use on the course. Photocopying or any other reproduction of sewing patterns and pattern sheets is NOT permitted. If you would like to use Line2Line patterns in connection with a course/as teaching material, please contact us for registration.

We reserve the right to terminate your right to sell our patterns if you do not comply with the requirements of this agreement. We reserve the right to modify the agreement, at any time, without notice. The latest version of the agreement can be viewed on Line2Line’s website. Once you receive our email with the terms of agreement, you expressly acknowledge that you have read this agreement and understood the rights, obligations, terms and conditions that are specified.
All prices on the online shop are shown in EUROS and excl. VAT, except the Danish site where prices are shown in Danish kroner excl. VAT.
Prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations, force majeure, delivery failures, tax/duty changes, discontinued patterns and printing errors.
General sales
The price indicated at the time of ordering is the applicable price.
Your package can either be shipped with GLS or PostNord. (Parcel = commercial)
Delivery time is dependent on which country you live in. GLS is statistically slightly faster than PostNord.
Orders may therefore be subject to delayed delivery time from KreStoffer’s suppliers (PostNord and GLS).
Products are always paid for at time of purchase here on www.line2line.eu

Secure payment
On Line2Line.eu you can easily and safely pay with a Visa card and IBAN bank transfer. All payments are SSL encrypted. The amount will be deducted from your account when the goods are shipped from our warehouse.
Sensitive personal information is handled in accordance with Danish law.
There is no right of withdrawal – we only accept returns of Line2Line patterns if the product is flawed or defective. This must be done by contacting us by email: line2line@krestoffer.dk before returning the product.
Goods returned COD or without postage will not be accepted by KreStoffer.
In case of doubt
In case of doubt, KreStoffer recommends that you contact us by email: line2line@krestoffer.dk
Your package will be shipped from KreStoffer’s warehouse in Odense (Denmark), with either GLS or PostNord. (Parcel = commercial). We send our products exclusively as secure cargo, so that your goods can be tracked via Track & Trace. The total shipping cost of your order is displayed before your final order confirmation.

Note that in countries outside the EU, the local/national customs authorities may apply customs duties or taxes on delivery (purchased product). Line2Line cannot be held responsible for such additional costs for the delivery or product. Additional costs such as customs duties or taxes outside the EU are not normally visible in the shopping cart, as customs and tax rules are highly specific to the country in question.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail for assistance, as we have gained some experience on customised relationships with a number of countries outside the EU.

In case of transport damage to physical products, please contact PostNord or GLS.

Delivery time is dependent on which country you live in. GLS is statistically slightly faster than PostNord.

Orders may therefore be subject to delayed delivery time from KreStoffer’s suppliers (PostNord and GLS).

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